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Map2PDF, the TerraGo Technologies product line, turns Adobe Reader into a powerful and robust mapping solution that just about anyone can use with or without an Internet connection. 

It’s a simple process.  Geospatial professionals create a map with their GIS and then use Map2PDF to export the data to a GeoPDF file.  GeoPDF files can be easily distributed and then viewed and used by anyone with Reader and the GeoPDF Toolbar, a free small-footprint plug-in.

Map2PDF products include the Map2PDF bundle, software for converting raster files to GeoPDF and a server version for ESRI’s ArcGIS.  Authoring versions of Map2PDF are available for ArcGIS as well as Intergraph’s GeoMedia and DCS products.   An Acrobat authoring solution extends functionality even further allowing users to spatially enable any map simply by entering coordinates for known locations.

Map2PDF empowers everyone to effectively use mapping data so they can help themselves to the information they need to get their jobs done and collaborate with others so all users can maximize situational awareness.

TerraGo Technologies family of Desktop products allow users to export GeoPDF maps from their GIS. TerraGo Technologies desktop products include:

GeoPDF for ArcGIS image GeoPDF for GeoMedia image Map2PDF for Acrobat Map2PDF for DCS image

The free GeoPDF Toolbar turns Adobe Reader into a powerful geospatial application that gives users the ability to view, manipulate and update mapping data while leveraging Adobe collaboration capabilities to share information with others in the field and at home base. 

Perhaps the most compelling feature of the GeoPDF Toolbar is its ease of use.  Most everyone is comfortable with the way a PDF file works, so most people can begin using the GeoPDF Toolbar with little or no training.

Features include the ability to view maps with multiple coordinate displays, measure length and area, turn layers on and off and search map attributes.  Utilizing tools in the Map2PDF bundle, GeoPDF files can be enabled so that users can create notes, redlines and markups or attach images or other data from multiple sources. Redlines and comments can be exported to an ESRI shapefile for incorporation back into a geospatial data repository.

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USGS Makes Maps Available Using GeoPDF

Now anyone can access more than 60,000 USGS primary base series quadrangle maps for commercial or consumer use from the USGS online store. All that’s needed is Adobe Reader and the free GeoPDF Toolbar:   Visit the USGS site

Download Grand Junction GeoMark Enabled GeoPDF HERE


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